this means a lot, my boyfriend considers him self fat no matter what I tell him. One of my best guy friends thinks no one will date him because he is over weight which is the most un true thing every. All guys bodies are attractive.

This means a lot to me too because my boyfriend also thinks he’s fat regardless of what I say. The saddest day was when I watched him step on a scale and get sad at a number he saw. Spread the love. 

Everyone needs body love… Men, women… We all need it, we all crave it deep in our minds. There is just as much pressure on men to look a certain way as there is women, and I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary.

We’re all human… Support everyone!

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"You are wonderful for who you are…"

"You are gorgeous just the way you are…"

"Don’t change yourself for someone else…"

It’s nearly not said enough in this day and age anymore, mostly the complete opposite usually.

"You’re useless…"

"You’re worthless…"

"You’re ugly…"

"You’re fat…"

"You need to change if you want to get someone…"

They’re harmful, hurtful, and spiteful words… And yet they are prominent in the world today, the advice we’re usually given by those that sometimes we care about.

What’s even worse is the fact that those that say it usually get enjoyment from it, some sort of satisfaction, that it makes them feel better about themselves once they have spewed those despising words towards someone that they may love, they may consider a friend, or may not even know at all.

Not everyone at all times is able to wear their armor, that shield they aren’t able to carry to parry and block those words, bounce them away from themselves. Sometimes someone is too weary and tired to hold up the sword to defend themselves. Sometimes those that it is said towards don’t have that equipment to begin with.

It tears them down, rips them apart, throws them through the ringer. And sometimes… Sometimes those words are dangerous seeds, dangerous bombs just rigged to explode and cause even more damage then they had from burrowing in deeply into that person’s skin.

Sometimes scars come from it, some visible, some… not so much. Some of us bare those scars with pride, carry those words and patch ourselves up, stride onward towards the end of our path. But some of us just… get to the point where we cannot patch ourselves, that those words leave more then scars, they constantly dig in, constantly with their poisonous talons.

There are even some of us that even though they constantly rip at us, pulling off piece by piece of us, that we still strive on for others, try not to show the pain that we are in, try not to be a burden or a problem.

People say… “They’re just words… They can’t harm you…” But they do not know, have probably never had something rip into them.

In my opinion… words are the worst form of hurt. They echo in your mind, reverberate through your entire being, pick at you bit by bit. You’re constantly reminded of that one sentence, those harsh words. They fester wounds, bring out anger, depression, zero self worth. You stumble day to day not able to think of anything else.

Sometimes you’d even rather have the physical pain then the mental pain, then those words, then the emotional pain. To drown out those words, that voice, that cackle of how you’re not how you’re supposed to be…

And it aches, it rips, it shreds, it screams. And you are left hollow and hurting, curling in on yourself in a bed, on the floor, on the couch… Just… somewhere, not able to do a damn thing to stop the rising emotion, the pain, just begging for it to stop.

It’s when you hear that noise, that familiar noise from your phone, from your computer… a bing that brings you slightly from that downward spiral that you’re not able to stop.

"You’re loved…"

"Don’t listen to him! You do so much!"

"There are people that care! We care!"

The tears won’t stop… and it happens over and over again, bing after bing, word after word.

"You’re lovely, you know that right?”

"Don’t think that about yourself!"

"I’m here if you need to talk!"

And suddenly that darkness isn’t so overbearing, that spiral not as fast. Those words are still there, echoing, taunting, but those bings continue, pulling you from the claws and wrapping you in them.

One word after another battering back those spiteful things, tending to wounds, becoming the armor once more around your body, becoming the shield, the sword, light and able to be held in a weary state.

And once more you are the warrior that holds yourself, battling back those words, still aching, still hurting, but now with a reason.

You are not alone.

There are those that care.

There will always be those that care…

If you do not hear it…

"You are beautiful!"

"I love you!"

"You are not worthless!"

"You are an amazing person!"

"You are outstanding!"

"Don’t ever change, I love YOU just the way you are!"

"I support you!"

"I’m here for you!"

We’re all out there, we all feel this way at some point or another… Lets all band together to not make that feeling overwhelming.

We all have some type of demon leaning over our shoulder, whispering words into our ear to make us spiral downward. Lets try and be the angel for someone else, the angel that will smile and hold out their hand, whisper "I’m here for you… We can make it through together…"

(and if you’re not religious/believe in angels then… be that strong person)

Don’t undermine yourself, you’re always 100% better than you think you are.” - Avanto’Bezran Alk’Zur

His words rolled through her head that night as she snuggled under the blankets on the bed. Oh, wonderful blankets. She had been deprived of too much as her Master’s slave.

"One hundred percent better," she whispered, closing her eyes and smiling slightly. "I… I am better… I am… not a slave. I am more… I am…"

She stops before giggling, “I am me… I am free… I am Vyz!”

And with that she was yawning before falling into a deep sleep, the first she had in a very long time. She didn’t hear the faint chuckle from the door. She didn’t see the Smuggler Captain leaning against her open door. No. She was out to the world.

"Gorgeous… You’re that and more… And this dashing man will show you that… You just wait… I’ve got plans…"

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so I’m playing my new pro-Sith agent

and so first time at HQ after Jadus left this happened and BOY YOU GOT TOLD


I have never been pro-Sith in Keeper’s face before. I did not know he was that… openly opposed to them because wow that tone

for real Keeper actually scared me more than Jadus at that point

Oh man, Keeper gets SO MAD at super pro-Sith agents, he has absolutely no time for their bullshit and he’s my soulmate.

And suddenly I understand why everyone loves Keeper so much holy SHITBALLS. 

Tiel and Keeper still talk to this day… Old graduation buddies… their talks every week include how much the Sith have screwed up that time…

Man I love Keeper!

elbywoggit asked:

*cracks weirdness knuckles* Alright. Consider, for a moment, your OCs. They live in a universe of your creating. They exist because you created them. Suppose, then, that you were dying. They, and their whole universe, would die with you. Suppose a few of them knew the Apocalypse was neigh, and resolved that NO, WE WILL NOT DIE WITHOUT A FIGHT! ... What if the key to immortality is getting your creations to care enough to fight for their world?

"I won’t let you die." Plain. Simple. But there was that fringe of feeling behind the words, something that only I had truthfully heard in his voice.

"Tiel," I smiled sadly, reaching up towards him as he stood beside my bed, where he had always been.

"I didn’t let you back then… I won’t let you now…" He shook his head, taking my hand and placing it on his cheek. I could see the years on him now, could see the pain that was in his eyes, the same pain that reflected in mine. As a small smile flitted across my lips, he spoke again, this time softer, full of love. "We care for you… all of us… And we will not go down without a fight. We will not let you be taken from us. We will not be silenced this time in your mind…"

"Just let me go, Tiel…"

"You do not have the right to tell us when we die. Wasn’t that your prime rule? You listen to us, let us live our lives… push us ever so slightly on our path… but you watch from afar…” That voice…

"Lio," I couldn’t help but smile a little more, reach out towards the Mirialan that had appeared, walking forward and placing my hand between his.

"Kriff babe… We ain’ lettin’ ya die!" His face. I had never seen it so worried, not even in my mind when horrible things had happened.

"None of us are," the rumbled shook my chest, and I couldn’t help but cough at that point, look up. Leaning over me was none other then the dragon of my dreams, the only one I would ever dare to consider worthy in my mind. As dark as the midnight sky, coils as long as the room with eyes the color of the stars themselves.


"I am as old as time itself. I am finally happy, at peace because of you," he purred, eyes closing as he brought his head down to nuzzle my cheek. "I will not let you throw this away, will not let you ruin what I have just grasped onto…"

"But I am so tired… Please just let me go," I shook my head, feeling my strength drain once more.

"You think we’re leaving you to die?" Oh… he was here too…

Upon looking on the other side of me I saw none other then Aikein Doljinti, former hound to the Emperor, now a wayward man becoming soft in his age.

"I will not allow you to take away the sanctuary I have finally gained… You have given me a family, brought joy and love into my life… taken away the hurt and pain that she had given to me…" He was frowning, his eyes piercing into me, and I laughed slightly at that. "No. No laughter this time, Ashley. I will not allow you to die, to slip from this existence and into the Force. You will stay here, with us… Even if I have to continuously drag you back from the Void to do it!"

He was angry, I could see it on his face. He had a right to be.

"I will not let you die, take us with you! Riam deserves to live! Nina deserves to smile! Haous deserves to lounge around and not do as he’s told!"

He grabbed my upper arm and sat me up, placing his hand to my chest while a look of concentration came to his face. “You will not die, we will see to it! You will smile once more and be there for us! You will live on and strive to better yourself, to allow us to better ourselves!”

And it was as I felt my strength returning to me that I could finally see their faces clearly, more so then I could before.

"You will not die," they all stated together. "We won’t let you… We care for you too much, you for us! That bond will never break."

"And with that bond comes life," Shian purred. "And with life, comes eternity…"

"And with eternity comes a sense of belonging with those that love and care for ya, babe," Lio laughed before he was placing a hand on my cheek. "Welcome to the immortality club… Enjoy it while it lasts…"

"No take backs or returns," Tiel cut in, a smirk coming to his lips. "And no fussing about your neighbors…"

"Oh shut up," I grumbled, feeling better by the second. "You’re lucky I’m not in the mood to smack you…"

"Now there’s what I want to hear,” the smirk grew wider upon his lips. “My old Ashley back…”

Name: Vysriena (aka Vyz)

D.O.B.: Unknown

Age: Unknown (guestimate somewhere in her twenties)


Born to a slave for a Hutt, Vystiena was raised to be a dancer for her Master, the best he had to offer, a special gift to his guests that he wished to square away business with.

When she was two, her mother was sold to a different Master because she was no longer “beautiful” to the Hutt. Her mother blamed her for it, said if she had never had her she would still be beautiful…

Vyz… took that to heart.

Upon one of the Hutt’s guests taking her to his room to “enjoy all she had to offer”, she made her escape after he had passed out.

It’s around a month later, still on the run, that she meets one Avanto’Bezran Alk’Zur, a zabrak smuggler who saves her life from two bounty hunters wishing to claim the bounty upon her head.

Upon saving her, she becomes one of his crew. She might not know how to use a blaster, she might not be good in a fight (right now)… But damn can she make any man - and some women - turn their heads and just stare without even realizing she’s doing it. Especially when she dances.

All she wishes is to stay free and dance, to have fun… and… laugh.

She’s got a long road ahead of her though… with no knowledge of mostly anything, not able to read or write, let alone know the alphabet, every challenge is an uphill battle…

But… she is willing to try and fight for it, if given the chance. In some way, shape, or form… she is willing to fight for it.

kaosstar asked:

Razer... Will you ever go back to being Trisktro? What will happen to you and Inea when/if you do? Will things stay the same? What would change?

"Who tolja I was Trisktro?" He looks around with a slightly worried expression, "Trisktro Moraes is dead… My Lord still grieves for him, so does the family… ‘S been hell an’ back for the kids… My heart moves every time I pass one of them in the estate…"

He then leans in close when he’s sure no one is around, “No… I’ll never go back to bein’ Trisk… Trisk is dead, will stay dead… But… I hope to come out to the family soon, so them that Razer is their brother… Nothing will change between me an’ my girl… I’ll still love her, she’ll still love me… Well, a’ite… it might change a little… I plan on askin’ her to marry me at some point… But shh… don’ tell her that! I want her to become Inea Zaderik, feared bounty hunter in all the galaxy an’ married to one Razer Zaderik, her back up…”

hiddennight asked:

What's this about questions? Is it for your characters? if's a good question... How do you see Kezz and Milli first meeting and what in essence pulls them together? AND bonus if you're interested... How much does he actually care about her after he finds out she's pregnant. lol. or is it just because she's carrying his son? mwahaha. Oh, I was tempted to make him in the character creator the other day... maybe I should... Heh... sorry, rambling now.


How they first met? I actually see them going after the same target (she, for the bounty. He, because he was a threat to the Empire) and sparks flying there. As for what pulls them together…I think he’d be drawn to the fact she gets things done, and she doesn’t hesitate to tell him when he’s being an arse and out of line. A lot of people are intimidated by him (for good reason, mind you), but there aren’t a lot of people who will stand up to him.

Kezz…he’s a hard person to get to know, and it’s rare that he’ll let someone in. Someone has to be REALLY persistent (read: annoy the hell out of him, sometimes) and show him that she really cares. I think once someone does that, he’ll show his true feelings and affection. 

(He does feel obligated b/c it’s his son, but family is really important to him. Watch how he talks to Ali and Kymma. He doesn’t have family on Csilla anymore, and it bothers him more than he lets on.)

Hmmm… I think we maybe should explore this a little more, yes?

And kriff, she would be annoying… Constantly be persistent, because it’s her, and she enjoys doing that to people sometimes. She’d be so intrigued in him, really, she would be, especially when they are going after the same man… Because she’s from a clan that does get shit done… I mean… hell, she’s in line to be the next clan Captain when it comes to it…

And she would care about him… so much that she might not admit it to anyone else but him… for fear of what the backlash onto him would be, you know? But she would care… so much that it would probably hurt if he ended up getting hurt of she couldn’t contact him…

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